Although Joey Cee’s association with radio and television stations in Toronto started back in the late 50’s, it wasn’t until 1967 that he got his big break. From the time he got the phone call from CKFH radio to become the station’s new music librarian, Joey’s career was kick-started. It was here that he received national notoriety as America’s youngest hit maker, responsible for the success of twelve major recordings that are qualified classics. Once he got his foot in the door at one radio station, he just kept going. Although his first job at CKFH turned into that of the Music Director, it wasn’t until he joined CBC Radio that he actually got to host his own segment titled “Music Canada” on Action Set, a weekly nationally broadcast show. Then it was guesting on music and dance shows on CHCH-TV, CITY-TV and CBC-TV. His tie-ins with radio on the national level didn’t happen until 1985, when he created and produced the Hot Spots Radio Reports for stations in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, Montreal and Buffalo. To date he has been and continues to be interviewed on radio and television stations across Canada.

  • CKFH RADIO – Music Director & Promotions
  • CBC MUSIC CANADA – CREATOR and HOST (First National Canadian Interview/Feature Show) on CBC RADIO “ACTION SET” with John Kastner
  • HITMAKERS RADIO DIGEST – Producer (National Syndication)
  • DANCE WITH THE STARS – Co-Producer (Radio Dance Music Pilot) 1978
  • CBC TV MUSIC HOP – Co-host
  • HOT SPOTS RADIO REPORTS – Producer (First On-Location Multi-Club Live Report Weekend Feature)
  • CKFM Toronto
  • POWER 106 Los Angeles
  • HOT 97 New York
  • MAGIC 102 Buffalo
  • CKMF Montreal
  • CHUM-FM Toronto (Pre-Recorded)

Contact Joey

JCO Communications Inc.
P.O. Box 816
Mississauga, ON L5M 2C4
Phone: 905-593-1608
Fax: 905-820-9512
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About Joey Cee

Joey Cee's professional career started at 4 o'clock in the afternoon of January 9th, 1963 in Toronto in a small dance hall at Euclid Ave. and College Street, in the area that is now known as Little Italy. It was the heyday of rock "n" roll and the advent of American pop extreme. With the introduction of the Motown sound... Read More

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